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And Here We Go.... - Have a Beer. Don't Cost Nothin'.
Good Evening, Godless Sodomites.
And Here We Go....
So, as anyone who reads here regularly knows, I've bandied about the idea of doing Autocross this summer. Actually, it's more like "you bought a sportscar, you pussy, stop being a pussy-ass-poser, and go race it". This is about the safest and most affordable of racing forms: A cone track, timed, in a parking lot (a big one), with cars grouped by class. It's about thirty-five bucks a race, with about a 10-race season. You help work the corners, and set-up/clean-up. It's as grass-roots as it gets. (read the link for more than that!).

The schedule for the Motorsports Club of Ottawa Autocross Season.

  • Open House: May 15th @ Canadian Tire Carling (details to come)
  • Autox School : May 22nd (separate announcement coming)
  • Rumble at the Strip: (non-scoring) May 28th & 29th at Picton Airfield, Picton, ON
  • Event 1: June 12th
  • Event 2: June 18th
  • CADL: June 19th (non-scoring) at PMG in Blainville, QC
  • Event 3: July 2nd
  • Event 4: July 10th
  • Event 5: Interprovincial Cup - July 23rd & 24th -- Ste-Eustache, QC
  • Event 6: August 7th (preferred) or August 6th (alternative)
  • Event 7: August 14th (preferred) or August 13th (alternative)
  • Event 8: September 4th (preferred) or September 3rd (alternative)
  • Event 9: CADL Septemeber 11th (possibly scoring) at PMG in Blainville, QC
  • Event 10: September 18th (preferred) or September 17th (alternative)
  • Event 11: October 2nd

    I'm not expecting to get to all of these. I'd love to. But the 'non-scoring' events especially, are unlikely to happen.


    Except May 28/29 at Picton Airfield. That could be done, because I've got somewhere to stay (Mom & Dad's, duh). That'd be a fun introduction to the way things work, I think. But I'll have to confer with idioglossia as to whether or not a weekend away is viable that weekend. It may not be, and as it's only ten days away...

    What I do know is that I will 99% be in Class "D". Very mild modifications (Cold-Air Intake, Blow-off valve, lowering springs, performance tires). The bad news is, that puts me up against last years "rookie of the year" (who also drives a Genesis Coupe).

    Gamz #222 ridealong finishline
    GAMZ on the Autocross last year

    On the upside, I won't be up against (directly) Spool2Go, who's now bordering on massively modified, and is making around 80hp more than stock.

    I'm definitely going to need a photographer in the house on some of those dates. :) Just not early on, when I'm embarassingly slow.

    If anyone's interested in coming to watch one day, they're welcome. It's a drop-in, drop-out kind of situation, and all you have to do is go to the timing booth, and sign the waiver (to hang out in the 'paddock') saying you won't sue. The chances of anyone getting hurt? pretty much nil. And there will be some seriously zoomy, fun cars there through the summer. the "A" and "B" classes have some ridiculous, purpose built cars that are blindingly quick.

    Other car stuff.

    I had a blast at the Hyundai Fundai in Cambridge last year, and am hoping to go again this year. This year, though, it's July 30th.. Normally, that would be the August Long weekend, and the cottage, but as Jay is working that Monday, now he's a Quebexican as far as work is concerned, I'm wondering if we put off the big-cottage-event until September/Labour Day Weekend. I shall have to confer with all involved. It would suck to miss that cottage weekend for the first time in, oh, ten years, but at the same time... I really enjoy seeing all the Toronto and Southern Ontario guys & girls who I talk to all year on the forums. And this year, it sounds like there's a contingent of Ottawa folks going down. It also doesn't coincide with a race-day weekend, so I don't have to ditch THAT to go. Again, will have to see what happens. In fact, if there's a bunch of Ottawa types going down, I'm seriously tempted to talk to Mom & Dad, and go Friday night, and have everyone camp on Mom & Dad's lawn that night. Could be some serious fun. And it's all of about a two hour drive to the meeting spot in Toronto, for the big cruise down into Cambridge.

    Hmmm. yeah, that could be some serious good times.

    As you can see, I've kinda gotten immersed in the culture, rather than sitting on the fringes.

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