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Just the Other Day... - Have a Beer. Don't Cost Nothin'.
Good Evening, Godless Sodomites.
Just the Other Day...

...I was lamenting on Twitter and Facebook about losing my headphones. Well, I found them. In the dryer.

And while they technically still work, they're definitely not long for this world. The sheathing has been rubbed off the wires in a half-a-dozen spots: currently, they're wrapped in tape, but it's not going to be a fix that lasts for ever. Which means I'm shopping for headphones again. I'd kinda hoped I could hold off long enough to order both sets of headphones, Minor and Major, from Marshall Headphones, and save myself fifteen bucks on shipping. Why both? Because my old (second hand) Sony MDR-V500's, which I adored, have started squeaking and squealing. I fixed the problem there briefly by tightening the screws, but it seems like it's actually the plastic that's a problem now, which means they're pretty close to done. The issue is basically they're fine... As long as you don't move. If you move your head, etc, the plastic flexes and they squeak at you. Of course, they were only fifty bucks, four years ago, so that's not terrible, but they were great headphones.

So, yeah, I wanted the "Major" headset, as well as the "Minor" buds/mic combo. Alas, it's not in the budget to spend $175 on headphones right now, even if I do use 'em like crazy. Especially the Major's: they get a lot less use than the buds, and are definitely a luxury.

I have a really hard time buying buds too. Even though most of the models come with a variety of sizes of squishy replacement earpieces, they rarely fit well. The iPhone's 'hard' buds are generally the best style, but I don't like the headphones themselves, and I don't like that when the rubber ring on them wears off after a year, there's no way to replace it, you have to spend fifty bucks on a new set. I've also not found an AD2P Bluetooth set of headphones that I like particularly either.

So I'm hoping that the Marshall's work well. Because I think I gotta order them on payday. My current ones, post-wash, are cutting out left, right and center, and I use them far too much to be able to live with that for the long term.


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