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The World, in a Nutshell. - Have a Beer. Don't Cost Nothin'.
Good Evening, Godless Sodomites.
The World, in a Nutshell.
Well, it's 2011. Two weeks before the new year, I started hitting the elliptical again, sporadically. this is not, by any means, a resolution. But, I'm over the hump of the holidays (so the party/consumption will be dropping off again, finally). On top of that, Zaphod is approaching a year old, which means he can be left unattended without fear of chewing and barking, while I hit the elliptical.

This should, hopefully, have two effects for me. First, better sleep. For the first time in my life, at thirty-seven, I'm finding I need more than six hours a night. Now that poochy is sleeping through until at least five-thirty in the morning, and more often, six, or even six-thirty, I can go to bed at ten or eleven at night, and get seven or eight hours sleep. And, I know for experience, when I throw the exercise in there, I sleep better, so hitting the elliptical five times a week will help me on that front too. The other side of it is the yo-yo that is me. One year ago (well, thirteen months, actually) I was 243lbs. In April, I was 206lbs. Today, January 4th, 2011, I'm 216lbs. I definitely back-slid through the summer and fall this year. Just too much going on, and the first thing that suffers is always the hour or two I need for exercise. Not to mention the decidedly-not-healthy eating that happens at the same time. So, it's goal setting time again. First goal is 200lbs by March 11th, 2011. That's... ten weeks away. Which puts me at a loss of about a pound and a half a week. That is thoroughly achievable with some exercise, and a little self-control. Why ten weeks for the first goal? Well, for one, it's achievable. Second...

...PAX EAST 2011 is March Eleventh through thirteenth. And I want to be happily in shape and less self-conscious by the time I get there. Yes, I know, it's nerd-heaven, and there are (from experience) a lot of people significantly larger than I am now there. But it's a specific point in time at which I can be happy hitting a goal, and for a reason (so swag shirts can be Medium or Large, not Large or Extra-large, for example). It also means that by then, I can get back into clothes that I'm not wearing right now, because I, well, lets not beat around the bush, I 'bulge' in unsightly places in right now. This shall not stand! And, I'll be honest. This will also need a diet modification. Not a diet, persee, but rather, not being a glutton. Portion control, healthier choices. I just get in the habit of eating, you know, a pie. I don't need to, I'm honestly happy NOT to. But I'm also happy to eat all of that pie. It's a thing.

This also leads to me doing the CHEO Ride again this spring. Despite being in pain after it, and thoroughly blasted during it, I really enjoyed the event. Not the least reason for which was that in less-than-professional-attire and on a less-than-professional-bike I more than held my own. 2h 43m for 81km, or 29.42km/h. I'd like to have a new bike this spring, a Marin Point Reyes 29er, but if I end up doing it again on my now eight-year-old Devinci, so be it. I'm pretty sure if I push a little harder I can break that 30km/h barrier that I wanted to make last year. This is also going to end up being my fund-raiser for the year, I think, so, you should best be prepared. Right now, I don't evne know when the event will be, but if it's like last year, it'll be early May. I'm pretty sure that'll put goal number two about nine weeks after PAX East, which means, assuming I make my 200lbs goal by PAX, I can probably pretty fairly make 190lbs, or even 185lbs my "By the CHEO ride" goal, in early May.

That will put me at 25-30lbs down since Christmas, and the lightest I'll have been since I was 187.5lbs in December 2005 (the year I lost seventy pounds).

So, what does that cover? Oh, yeah. Health, weight, PAX, and CHEO.


Also this summer: racing. The car. Via the Motorsports Club of Ottawa, and specifically Autocross. Should be interesting. I'm still not sure if I'm just going to sign up for a few events, or do an entire season. Entire season may be... hard... on my tires.

I'm looking forward to this, but I'm also nervous. It's competetive, and IT'S MY CAR. There's a couple of things I'm really tempted to do along with it, not the least of which is have someone with a decent video camera come along one day to get vid of my various runs. The first time I do it, espeically, should be, umm, amusing. Everyone gets a DNF (Did Not Finish) for at least one lap when the start, because you're still learning to read the cones.

For those who don't know, the course is a cone-course, set up in an open space. Usually (and in Ottawa's case) this is the parking lot at Scotiabank Place. It's open, low cost, low danger, and relatively low speed. Relatively, because you top out around 80-90km/h, in second gear. From sitting in the passenger seat, I'll tell you this, it feels an AWFUL lot faster than that. And that's a cool thing too. While I won't do it to start with, as long as the passenger wears a helmet, they're welcome to ride-along. So, that means if I do a few of these through the summer, if people come see me/visit during the day, they're also going to be welcome to grab a helmet and come for a ride-along. I was good luck last year: all three times I rode-along, the guys I rode with set season-best times! It also sounds like while there's a general paddock for the racers who've signed up, we're going to have between three and nine Genesis Coupes out, per session, all season long. We're actually considering making it a local "team Genesis" event, just for kicks.

Anyway you look at it though, I'm looking forward to it immensely, and have some nervous trepidation going on. Ok, more than a little.

I'm also tempted to try and get Dad to bring his Integra up for a run one weekend!


Other than all that, it's going to be about ensuring that life doesn't get forgotten. Ok, the racing, kinda 'life' stuff for me: it's fun, it's cars. However, one of the big issues that idioglissia and I both noticed a large amount of our time was spent rushing through things we could normally enjoy, so we could get to the next thing on the list or agenda. Basically, we had too much, and wanted to cover it all. See the 'sleep' issue, above! So, this year, we think, we hope, will be slightly slower, and a lot more fun.

More coming, later. This is too long as it is.
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