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The Bug. - Have a Beer. Don't Cost Nothin'.
Good Evening, Godless Sodomites.
The Bug.
It’s not JUST the car, and doing it up and making it look different, you know.

I am planning on, horror of horrors, doing a grill and wing on the car. Both are from the same company, and both are pretty conservative, and mesh with the lines of the car exceptionally well. The company is Ixion, and while they do make some outrageous bodykits, they obviously understand that some people just want to make mild personalizations, rather than massive body changes.

I also have to invest in a lip, for the front. My own fault. Before I lowered the car, I pulled into my parking spot too quickly, and forwards (which I never do), and scrapped the front edge of the fascia. And two-hundred bucks for a lip to go over it is cheaper than than six hundred for a new bumper, and repaint.

Oh, yeah. What’s a lip?

This is:

I may end up, somewhere down the road, just replacing the front fascia, but this is definitely the cost-effective method of solving my f#$kup, for the time being.

As for the engine, beyond a cold-air intake, I’m not doing anything for the moment. Shocking, I know. But there’s a reason for it.

Like I said, it’s not just about making the car look different, and making it mine. It’s about using it. And I always said, if I got a serious sports car, I would get serious with it. Well, I have, and I haven’t, which makes me a bit of a poser.

As of the spring, not so much.

I will definitely be going out to the MCO, otherwise known as Motorsport Club of Ottawa, in the spring. They run, specifically for what I want to do, AutoCross events every two weeks, at Scotiabank Place, in the parking lot. I went for a couple of ride-along's last summer, with two of the guys from GenCoupe.com, Chris and Geo, and wow. I always thought I ran my cars pretty hard, even on the street: through corners, on ramps. Turns out, not so much. In fact, I figure I've explored about twenty or thirty percent of my cars potential.

And what is amazing about autocross is, you rarely, if ever, get out of second gear (80km/h, +/-). It's affordable ($40 a day), and well officiated. And, best of all (especially for amateurs) you're really only racing yourself. Cars are classed according to their ability, level of modification, etc, but otherwise, it's you vs the clock.

The only thing I've not decided is whether or not I go out once or twice, when I've got time, or if I sign up for the season. It's a seven- or eight-race season, bi-weekly, through the summer, and I'm tempted. HOWEVER.

This year, money may be tight. And it occurs to me, that while I got good tires for the road, on the car now, I may be better served doing one or two events on them, and making them last a third, or even fourth summer, and buying a set of tires/wheels for racing. This will be even more necessary, if I end up doing a couple of full days at Calabogie autosports park. It won't be viable (or safe) to burn up my current tires, and then order up some replacements. A better plan is to order a set of good, street-legal ultra-performance tires, and keep my 19" Hankooks for daily driving use (and the 18" Pirelli's for winter, still, obviously).

There is actually a racing advantage to that, as well.

While the Hankook V12 Ventus tires I got provide a larger contact patch, I chose them not just for traction, but treadwear (280AA) and stance. And they weren't cheap. They're also heavy. Surprisingly (and I'm very proud of her!) idioglossia remarked as we pulled out of Home Depot yesterday that the car felt 'snappier'. And, unfortunately, she's right. The 18" wheels and tires I have for winter are lighter than my summers. They don't grip as well, but that's a matter of compound as much as anything.

My temptation (and the temptation woudl become a necessity if I was doing more than a couple of autocross events a year) is to invest in yet a third set of wheels and tires.

This time, I'd split the difference between stock/winter sizes, and my summers.

18” OEM wheel 19” summer wheel Potential race
Front Tire 225/45R18 245/35R19 235/40R18
Rear Tire 245/45R18 275/35R19 255/40R18
offset +33mm +20mm +25mm?
front wheel 18x7.5” 19x8.0” 18x8.0”
rear wheel 18x8.0” 19x89.5” 18x8.5”?

If I choose my wheels carefully for the race set-up, and worry more about weight than appearance, I can shave more than ten pounds a corner of unsprung weight from the car: weight that the engine needs to spin to make the car move. Increase traction and decrease the inertia I need to break to accelerate, and what I end up with is faster.

For example, the stock 18" set-up weighs in around 25lbs for the wheel, and 24lbs for the tire: about 49lbs per corner. The 19" with more grip (and significantly better through the corners, have no doubts about it) weigh in about 53lbs per corner. With the right choices, it would be possible to get a set of 18" wheels, with ultra-high-perforamnce (read, race tires that're street legal) tires that weigh in around 18lbs per wheel, and 22lbs per tire, or about 40lbs per corner.

49lbs vs 52lbs vs 40lbs.

For the moment, at least, this is all blue-sky thinking. I've a feeling that what will realistically happen this year, especially with what idioglossia and I have on our plates, life-wise (job, house, dog, social, etc) I'm likely to just do a couple of autocross events, and get a feel for what I'm doing out there, and whether or not I want to do it more.

I've a feeling though, that by 2012, I'll be looking for a race set-up, just so I don't burn off a years worth of driving on my road tires.

And that's ok. By then, I can save for them, and they can be my treat to myself for the year. New tires and an MCO membership. $1500 worth of entertainment in one fel swoop. And with just autocross, rather than autocross plus daily driving, the race tires will last a couple of seasons, for sure.

The other advantage is that, very likely, this will abate my desire for more power, somewhat, at least. Long enough that I can wait until the warranty is out (at five years) on the drivetrain, so I'm not voiding it, and to be honest, so that I can have a daily driver that isn't a car I race: the Genesis is, hopefully, going to become a weekend/summer/race/project car, something I can take apart, and have in pieces for a week, without it impacting my ability to run the rest of my life. But, short of a lottery win, that definitely won't happen until the car is paid off, and out of warranty (That would be in June, 2014, in case you're wondering or keeping count). The more I can do to keep myself getting crazy with the power (keep in mind, I probably dyno right now at 185hp, and 225lb.ft of torque, at the wheels, and eventually, I want to see 300hp, 340lb.ft (again, at the wheels) that's a whole other post, right there).

YEs, I have considered this enough that I've looked for wheels and tires. And while I've not had a lot of luck with affordable wheels yet, the tires already seem to be down to three brands, and three models.

Nitto NT05
Yokohama Advan Neova
Continental ExtremeContact DWS

I've not even settled on sizes: I'd prefer to grab a little extra section width (235 and 255, Front and Rear, respectively, vs the stock 225/245 f/r) but given that I'm going to be making a serious traciton upgrade, even compared to the Hankooks I've got for summer already, getting that extra contact patch isn't quite as big a deal.

But as the most expensive of those listed above are $185, in the sizes I'd be looking at.

Any way you look at it, I'm going racing next summer. Time to shit or get off the pot. And actually run the car to the limit, rather than increasing a limit (more power) that I've never approached.

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