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Have a Beer. Don't Cost Nothin'.

Good Evening, Godless Sodomites.

23 October
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BoozySmurf, not seen in years, has resurfaced, bottle in hand, and ready to face the challenges of a new day.

It should be noted, that if one needed to email me, booozysmurf at g mail dot com will do the trick, quite well.

Fortunately, in the time of Boozysmurf's second coming Molson has seen fit to bring back the single biggest boon to the mad drunken smurf's lifestyle. The "bubba". Armed only with this, Boozysmurf can and will conquer the world, one party at a time.

Boozy's alter ego, Mark, lives an occasionally, but not often, mundane life.

This is my basic stuff. I have garbage here. I tell the world I like cheez. Sometimes, I get introspective.

HOwever, I do other stuff too. I'm a photography addict, and that's reflected on digital_cyclops, which is my photojournal. I'm also a biking fiend, and this year, I'm logging everything online, at road_and_trail. Anyone is welcome at any of 'em. I don't lock posts, unless there's contact info in 'em (address or phone numbers), so enjoy.