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Life Goes On, and On... - Have a Beer. Don't Cost Nothin'.
Good Evening, Godless Sodomites.
Life Goes On, and On...

Last weekend, I made the run down to my folks, saw my Uncle Dave, had some beers, did the good life thing.

This week is more of the same:  Work Monday, sick Tuesday (went in and came home), work Wednesday, then vacation Thursday, Friday, and Monday.  Weather permitting, Thursday and Friday are new lawn day.  idioglossia is very excited.  Zaphod has no idea what's going on.  But that's pretty typical. 

Friday night, I'm hoping to be driving down into Southern Ontario.  I say "hoping" because I've got a GenCoupe cruise on Saturday: however, the forecast has just taken a 180 degree about-face.  Rain all weekend.  And if that's the case, much as I'd like to do the cruise, I'm not driving 1500km in the rain, to go for a drive in the rain, and not check out everyone's cars, hang out, etc.  Without that "no rain" time, it's kinda pointless.  The good news is, I'm not the only one who feels that way: there's an official 'rain date' for the meet, which is July 16th.  I'm half hoping that ends up being the case, it'd make life easier.   Also, the rumour is someone is picking up a new vehicle this weekend (no, it's not me).  But I shall leave that be for the moment so I don't jinx it.

If it's rain all weekend, well, then, it's gonna be games and movies all weekend.  I'm not cancelling my days off.  If the forecast clears again, then it'll be stuff for the house... Actually, let me digress here, for my own benefit.


  • Pick up new dog food
  • haircut
  • weather permitting: set up chop saw, do more baseboards
  • wash/clay bar/wax car
  • install silicone vaccuum hoses


  • 8:15am appointment for two-year service (oil change, coolant and transmission flush, all fluids changed, etc etc)
  • minor detail on car, vaccuum interior, condition leather, detail hard surfaces
  • 4pm - hit the road to Bellville


  • Up at 5am, drive to Brampton for the meet
  • 5pm or so, meet back up with Jay
  • Maybe end up at LilBrother's place

    So, yeah, that's a fairly well packed couple of vacation days.  It's a good thing all the car stuff is relaxing for me.   The plan had, in fact, to have idioglossia come along for the cruise, but we've not sorted out kennels for the pooch, nor have we got any sort of plan.  I'm hoping, if I do go, that I can stop in and visit my lil' brother and his wife.  Again, that's all contingent on weather.  I can definitely tack some extra stuff on the side, but I definitely am not making the run if the forecast is for rain all weekend.  Overcast, I can live with!  30% chance of rain? Totally fine.  In fact, actually better: it's way easier to take good photographs in those conditions than in full-sun, blue skies.  And lets face it, one of the reasons I'm going is to take pictures!

    Sunday will be the drive back, probably stopping in again at Mom & Dad's, briefly, to say hi.  Otherwise, it'll be heavy on taking idioglossia to Starbucks.

    If I don't go to the cruise, then I think I gotta head over to Scotiabank Place and at least look in on the guys who're starting AutoCross this weekend.  And I gotta prep myself for the following weekend when, I think, I'm gonna do it myself.  Eeps.  In fact, if I don't go to the cruise, I'm pertty much obligated to go race on the 18th.  Because I won't have spent $100+ on gas the weekend before, so I can definitely afford the $45 entry fee for the event.


    After a huge fiasco, I did finally get my grill for my car, from Korean Auto Imports, however, the service, and specifically the communication/support is so lackluster there that I can't say I'll be doing business with them again.  I'm actively advising other people to consider their actions before they deal with 'em too.  Not only did I not get an apology, but they took down my (obviously negative, but polite, and constructive) review on their site, and actually accused me of being at fault for their lack of communication.  I've got a reply ready for them, and it'll be sent shortly, I just want to calm down a bit, re-read it, and ensure that I remain the on-paper good guy in all of this (ie. not lose my cool).  The good news is, there's lots of other vendors for the things I want/will want in the future, and several of those, I've dealt with before, and trust their ability to get shit done.   KAI is NOT on that list.

    The upside is, I got the grill, finally, in the right colour, and got it installed with a minimum of difficulty.  For once, I didn't even need to take the entire front bumper/fascia off to do it, too, which was excellent.  And it looks fantastic.  I'd come to really loathe the stock "waterfall" grill.   On top of it looking better, I seem to get improved airflow through to the radiator as well: the temperature gauge was down about a third of a tick, and while it's not much, every little helps, especially with the heat a turbo engine develops.

    One way or the other, there'll be new pics this weekend, I'm sure.


    And that's about all there is to say about that.  Cars and houses and work... Yeah, not talking about work online right now.  Not worth the hassle, nor is it worth it to get myself worked up again.  Let it end with "I'm not thrilled with the way internal business is done, especially when I get screwed" and leave it at that.

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