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Running the Numbers. - Have a Beer. Don't Cost Nothin'.
Good Evening, Godless Sodomites.
Running the Numbers.

Or rather, riding them.

I've been back on the bike four days now: I hurt less, am sleeping well, and am re-organizing.

Monday - 24km in 1h15m
Tuesday - 29km in 1h20m
Wednesday - 25km in 59m
Thursday - 32km in 1h20m

That's not bad. I'd set myself a first week goal of at least 100km. As long as I do 22km Thursday then I'm good for the week. The goal for Thursday wass actually 30km, flat, from work in a circuit home. Speaking of, for anyone who actually cares, I'm logging my routes on Map My Ride. Yesterday's 25km/h average was in large part due to only getting caught at two stoplights, because the entire route was on the Riverside bike path. The other side of the numbers is calories. I'm pretty sure my estimator (<ahref="http://www.myfitnesspal.com">MyFitnessPal</a> over-estimates the benefits of bike-riding, even at high-speed/high-effort/long-distance. I find it hard to believe that my hour of biking yesterday was good for 1000 calories burned. Hunh. It turns out (yay google!) that it might not be so over-optimistic, although speed does not equal calories burned: it's about effort, obviously. I'm on fairly flat land though, and the effort is consistent: I'm working hard to maintain speed. So, it might not be as badly estimated as I thought.

Although in the course of that search, I found a guy who claims to have created a biking/energy used chart wherein the units of energy expended are not calories, but pints of Guinness. Now, THAT'S change I can believe in!

Lets face it, that's not even that hard a conversion. At about 200cal per 20oz pint (proper pint) of Guinness, I'll have burned around 4000 cal this week. That'd be about twenty pints of Guinness earned, if I weren't trying to lose the weight from the Guinness I already drank over the last few months.

Achievement Unlocked!

I'm also (like most of us) hitting the money wall again. The last few months I've bled cash: and it's mostly my own fault. I bought some stuff for the car, I've bought a nearly equivalent amount of stuff for the house, and all in all, my VISA isn't falling, it's staying flat, and I've no cash in the bank. Of course, car and house parts don't account for the entirity of that situation, so where is it going?

Well, it's going to eating out, eating out, and eating out. Subway at lunch ($10, and I don't NEED the cookies or drink: I have to have lunch, but that could just be a five-dollar sandwich: it's not much more than my $3 can of chunky soup) But what's really hurting me is, once again, coffee.

$1.80 per XL Coffee at Tim Hortons
2 times per day
6 days a week
4 weeks a month
12 months a year
$1036.80 a year on coffee.


And, lets face it, half of those times I give into temptation, and buy a donut too. So, add another chunk to that.

Where as, once again, a can of coffee (mid-range, PC Great Canadian Coffee) is about ten bucks, and lasts me three to four weeks. Well, it used to. Before the patented GroceryStoreShrinkRay(tm) turned my 1KG of coffee into 875g, in the same size container. *sigh* it's so hard to find good help.

Final thought: the goal for hitting the journal (ie. writing for the sake of writing) has progressed well this week. Despite the general lack of activity on LJ these days: if it's just for me, does that matter? Maybe I should migrate to an 'actual' blog without the stigma of LJ, but.. meh. I'm comfortable with this, for the moment.

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myclevername From: myclevername Date: May 14th, 2011 03:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
I really like writing on LJ for my personal, day-to-day stuff. Possibly I'll make it about exercise also. I'm glad you're back, too. Anyways...

The routine is always the hardest part, isn't it? I managed to run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week (3 miles each run), and am going to go for a 6 miler today. It feels GOOD to be running according to a training schedule. It also feels good to be sticking with it!

I also love the Guiness idea. I remember in a yoga class once, the instructor mentioned that you can burn 800 calories in a Bikram class - a girl in class called out: "That's a Slurpee! Like, the biggest one!" Apparently, she started drinking a Slurpee for every Bikram class she went to.
boozysmurf From: boozysmurf Date: May 14th, 2011 07:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
Routine is tough: hell, I said it the other day. The first step, onto the bike, first foot in front of the other for a run, that's what's REALLY hard. Once I'm going, it's great. Getting motivated to start, that's the tough bit.

Heh. I've always described my exercise as "a credit card". I know I'm not stopping drinking, or eating the things I like, so I have to know what they 'cost' and then pay the bill. The bill gets paid with exercise.

I don't think I'd want to just 'break even' though. :D I need to get back down to where I should be again (which shouldn't take too much work, to be fair).
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