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Tis The Season. - Have a Beer. Don't Cost Nothin'.
Good Evening, Godless Sodomites.
Tis The Season.
Yes, I'm flogging my blogs. Not like that. It's not THAT kind of show.

I have a ton of audio fiction that I, quite honestly, adore. I listen to it all on weekly basis: sometimes, I fall down, and go a few weeks, or even months, without getting to one of my audio podcasts. It just means I've got a huge backlog to listen to when I DO get to it again.

So, these are are people and organizations who, if you're a fan of fiction of all kinds, you want to listen to, and support.

  • EscapePod Sci-Fi stories, reviews, and discussion (still very heavy on the stories). You can look forward to high-quality audio, high quality writing, and major 'brand names' on a regular basis.
  • PodCastle Fantasy stories, again, high quality production and writing, and you'll recognize names on a regular basis.
  • Pseudopod Horror stories. Like the above, high quality, and you'll recognize authors on a regular basis.
  • ClonePod Sci-fi and fantasy, but more "PG" rated, and read and organized by kids. They do a great job, and get some fantastic stories.
  • Starship Sofa Sci-fi and fantasy, and much heavier on nerdly discussion on those subjects as well, including movie and book reviews. Fantastic podcast, that I never have quite enough time for.

    What's even better about these weekly regulars? They've introduced me to a multitude of excellent authors who give away their full length stories for free, in serialized podcasts:

  • Scott Sigler. The FDO. King of Horror and Sci-Fi podcasting, and getting major play in bookstores everywhere. You definitely want to raid the backlog of Ancestor,
  • JC Hutchins. Great stories, less regular content.
  • Phil Rossi Sci-Fi Horror For the win. Crescent is freakin' great. Also, not just writing, but music too!
  • The GearHeart found this one recently, good steampunk/fantasy story.
  • Mur Lafferty podcasting all things geek, writing, and some fantastic fiction too. Like, a huge backlog if it's your first time there.

    Finally, if you get through all that, check out Podiobooks: a huge volume of audiobooks and podcast archive. Totally worth your time, and if you can't find something in there that you like, then.. well, there's no pleasing you.

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    vandyke_brown From: vandyke_brown Date: January 10th, 2011 05:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
    Yes, I'm flogging my blogs. Not like that. It's not THAT kind of show.

    Vandyke brown stops reading.
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